Toonworld — NFT GameFi Platform on Fantom Network

Mister Skeletoon
3 min readDec 15, 2021


Hi, I’m Mister Skeletoon creator of NFT collection Spooky Skeletoons on Fantom network. In this blog I’ll be writing about my upcoming GameFi platform for Spooky Skeletoons called Toonworld.

I imagine most people reading this are familiar with Spooky Skeletoons. Due to success of Spooky Skeletoons early on I decided that further project development should be Game including Skeletoon NFTs. Original idea was Skeletoon duels for which I made a quick conceptual demo called battlegrounds. Battlegrounds had barely any traffic, suffered from poor UI and in general were not a successful project.

Next part of the project should’ve been NFT game with similar logic to battlegrounds based on Phaser game engine, however while working on it some issues arose. Making a PvP game is difficult, more so a balanced PvP game and even more so a balanced PvP game with assets stored on blockchain. Project of this scope would take more time than acceptable for a single developer, so Skeletoons needed a new idea.

Thus Toonworld was born. While leaving interactive game part from original idea, scraping duel concept and creating a new farming/crafting game for Spooky Skeletoon holders. Toonworld will consist of 3 main parts:

  • Summoning rituals
  • Grinding grounds
  • Marketplace for in-game items

Summoning rituals will be a place to upgrade your existing Skeletoon, craft a new generation Skeletoon or farm their rare traits.

Upgrading Skeletoons is going to be main attraction of Toonworld, where by grinding for rare traits, RNG or trading traits you will be able to upgrade a Skeletoon that you have with new visuals and traits. Summoning either a perfect Skeletoon that you want or hunting for points and achievements to climb the leaderboard.

Creating new generation Skeletoon will be a function reserved only for holders of original Spooky Skeletoons, while also will act as an entry point to new users.

Traits which will be lifeblood of summoning new Skeletoons are going to be harnessed from existing Skeletoons that have them.

If summoning Skeletoons with rituals is not your cup of tea Toonworld can offer you Grinding Grounds. A farm style game approach to gather other elements that can be used in summoning rituals. Since creating a perfect Skeletoon should be a reward for players that are active in Toonworld it cannot be a trivial task. If means of creating such Skeletoon are either: rolling RNG machine till the end of time or burning trough heaps of Skeletoons, it would make game tedious. To solve this each Skeletoon will have their own Grinding Grounds where they will be able to farm other optional ritual items. Grinding Grounds will be impacted by Skeletoon itself among other things as well.

More detailed write-ups on how Summoning Rituals and Grinding Grounds work will be posted later on this blog.

Toonworld will consist of few game areas and a few new types of NFT that can be earned there it will also be supplemented by in game marketplace so that users could easily sell or buy such items. While populated by Spooky Skeletoons it will also make use of our other collections for harvesting rare traits.

Planned delivery for Toonworld is Q1 2022. Stay tuned for more development updates on this blog. I plan, but won’t limit myself, by making at least one weekly development update.