Toonworld development update

Mister Skeletoon
7 min readApr 4, 2022


Hello. Last few weeks I’ve been hard at work writing contracts and client for Toonworld and since Toonworld is approaching initial launch day (3–4 weeks), I think this is good time to talk in-depth about Toonworld. In this announcement I plan to go over following topics:
Tasks left until launch:
Testing and bug fixing Toonworld contracts. (~3 weeks)*
Marketplace Contract + web Client (~1 week)
Maintenence works to assure smooth launch (0.5–1 week)
Finishing up assets creation (~2 weeks)*
Promoting (1–3 weeks)*
Documentation (1–2 days)
* Jobs done in parallel , so total expected time till release is 3 weeks with one extra week for any unexpected issues


Toonworld Structure.

Toonworld will consist of 6 smart contracts which are:
ERC-721 Skeletoon profile — game profile used in Toonworld. Skeletoon which can be upgraded, used to mint traits and claim rewards. Will consist of 2 Generations. 1st Generation of 10 000 original spooky skeletoons. And unlimited supply of Gen2 skeletoons which can be minted in Toonworld. Main differences between generations will be: Reward claiming timelock (1st gen will be able to claim rewards more often), Trait minting (Gen 1 exclusive), Gen 2 skeletoon minting (Will require wallet to have at least 1 Gen 1 skeletoon)

ERC-721 Traits — consumable NFT which will be used in Toonworld to change your Skeletoon profile trait sequence. Traits will be obtainable by playing Toonworld, buying them in marketplace, getting them from reward base pool and special traits given away from collab giveaways & holding our other collections.

ERC-721 Glyphs — consumable NFT which will be used in Toonworld to upgrate your trait strength, bypassing timelock. Glyphs will be obtainable only from rewards, with ability to later trade them on various markets.

ERC-20 Toonworld coin — ERC-20 token which will be used by Toonworld logic contract and distributed by Toonworld rewards contract. 10% of initial supply will be tranfered to rewards contract and 90% will be tradable on SpookySwap. Functions in logic contract that require payment will buy Toonworld coin and distribute 90% to rewards contract and burn 10% of transaction cost. Toonworld marketplace will also use it with planned 2.5% burn and 2.5% redistribution to rewards taken from total sale price.

Toonworld logic v1 — contract managing upgrades for Toonworld Skeletoons, their trait sequences and strength which will impact type and size of rewards claimed from Toonworld rewards contract. Aside from managing profiles this contract will be responsible for minting traits (when skeletoon has a strong enough trait) and Gen2 skeletoons (when user has Gen1 skeletoon and 9 required traits). In v1 functions that buy and burn/distribute Toonworld coin will be: Gen2 minting and Trait upgrade timelock bypass.

Toonworld rewards v1 — contract distributing rewards for Toonworld Skeletoons. Planned rewards for v1 are Toonworld coins, Glyphs and Traits (Some more commont traits will be distributed by rewards contract, meaning not all traits will be obtainable this way, just some of most common ones.). Toonworld Skeletoon profile trait sequence and strength will directly impact which reward and size of it you will get.

1.2. Futureproofing Toonworld & update structure.
As you can see logic and rewards have v1 written next to them. Structuring Toonworld in many separate contracts will allow for easier update pushing in the future. Meaning that v1 contracts will be upgraded and other 4 will always remain same. Logic contract should be update more often and at any given time there will be 1 active logic contract, meanwhile reward contractds should remain active untill all finite rewards are depleted (in v1 case it is Toonworld coins) so it is very likely that parallel rewards contracts will be active .That being said plan is to implement a voting system where Skeletoon DAO will be able to vote on what updates will be passed to future contracts, their fee distribution systems and etc.

1.3. Toonworld marketplace.
Due to nature of Toonworld Skeletoon profiles and Toonworld game there is a need for in-house marketplace, while we plan to add all ERC-721 Toonworld contracts to most popular FTM marketplaces, they will have properties which will greatly impact value of Toonworld ERC-721 tokens. So a simple marketplace with filtering system will be launched together with Toonworld on day 1. Marketplace itself will have a small fee on sales, as mentioned above to create value for Toonworld coin and value for rewards contract.

1.4. Skeletoon DAO.
To improve community activity and flow of ideas and possible updates we are planning on making a Skeletoon DAO which will govern future updates to Toonworld. Spooky Skeletoon token will act also as DAO token, which will vote on future updates. First functional votes that dao will have are going to be: which traits with which bonuses are going to be added in Toonworld, adding any or none new fees to logic contracts and their distribution within the project, future rules on proposals and required votes to pass them. Skeletoon DAO voting/proposals will come shortly after Toonworld launch.

2. Toonworld Rewards
2.1 Toonworld in-game rewards.

As briefly mentioned before rewards contract v1 will have 3 types of rewards. Each Gen1 skeletoon will get 1 claim every 8 hours which can stack up to 3 claims at 48 hours. Gen 2 skeletoons will be timelocked depending on their total amount starting at 1 claim — 16 hrs, 3 claims — 96 hrs, with increasing diminishing returns at every 10 000 mark, meaning at 20 000 Gen 2 skeletoons minted they will get their 1st claim at 24hr mark. As mentioned before rewards will be greatly impacted by trait types of skeletoon and their strength(Fully upgraded skeletoon will get around 500 times greater rewards in 1 claim against Skeletoon with worst possible traits and no trait strength). Rewards themselves will be Toonworld coins, glyphs and common traits.

2.2 Spooky Skeletoon and other collection rewards.
Each Spooky Skeletoon will be able to claim Toonworld Skeletoon profile. This profile will be Gen1 skeletoon possesing all current traits of its corresponding Spooky Skeletoon. Other collections will be able to periodically mint unique traits. Shy feet will get 9 trait types varying in their reward value, which trait you can get will be decided between timelock period and amount of ShyFeet owned. Toonworld specials and Spooky Creatoons will each get 1 trait type per unique piece. These traits while not being best in Toonworld will be above avarage in terms of reward value, however their rarity and unique visuals should be another point in their desirability.

2.3 Skeletoon DAO rewards.
Skeletoon DAO will be able to govern Toonworld. Deciding on new traits being added, updates to future logic and rewards contracts, having option to implement small fee in future on payable transactions which would be used to further project or distribute equally amongs DAO holders.

2.4 Increasing value of Toonworld ERC-20 coin.
Main way to increase Toonworld Coin value will be burns and buybacks on paid features in toonworld and marketplace. Alongside it any new future functions will follow same burn & buyback model to increase coins value, one of which you can read about in 3.1.

3. Toonworld Future.
3.1. Updates in works.

These are updates that I decided to cut for initial launch but will be worked on after launch and should be implemented shortly after. Collab/Launchpad — ability to add your own in-game trait for a fee, any other person not participating in Toonworld will be able to use Toonworld to create their own trait (or work with us to create it) and use it either as promotion material for their own projects, or just to have a their own trait inside toonworld. To prevent this functionality from abuse we plan to have DAO voting for visual trait approvals and pricings on trait reward impact.
Chainlink VRF integration — as soon as chainlink VRF comes to fantom network, we plan to implement in logics and rewards contracts to further GameFi toonworld.

3.2. Possible future updates.
These are updates that would come further down the line since measuring their scope right now would be difficult.
Further UI, GameFi improvements — initial launch of Toonworld game will be a browser client game with closes example being incremental browser games. Building a larger community will allow us to have a greater idea on where to expand that is why initial launch will be fairly simple game-wise.
Management of Skeletoon DAO — Creating smart contracts to manage Toonworld with Skeletoon DAO voting, having less dev input in executing proposals and moving all ownership to single DAO contract.

4. Collaboration
Last but not least we want an exciting launch. Any projects or NFT enthusiasts can check out this survey for collaborations with Toonworld. Main way of collaborations will be giving out unique traits to said projects/people to giveaway for their audiences.