Roadmap to Toonworld

Mister Skeletoon
2 min readDec 23, 2021


Hello, this is last dev blogpost for the year. I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Today I’ll be writing up what needs to be done before Toonworld launch.

As mentioned in previous post on launch Toonworld should have:

2 Game areas
Overworld game UI
Marketplace for in-game NFTs

To achieve this current development roadmap looks like this:

Infrastructure development*
Creating visual assets for game*
Creating new NFT contracts**
Integrating new NFTs with existing game infrastructure
Visuals for new NFTs and new Skeletoon combos
Marketplace for NFTs

(* Current development. After both points with * are done, I expect to launch demo where people will be able to view how their Skeletoons will look in game. Expected Jan 2022)
(** Requires external dependency — Chainlink VRF)

Current infrastructure development is as follows:
Build a responsive UI with Phaser JS and web3. This task consists of building an interface between data storage, UI and smart contract. We want to store visual assets on decentralized storage such as IPFS and pull them to game engine using metadata of NFT. Users would select Skeletoon that they want to see in game and game-engine would pull assets according to it.

Another thing of note is chainlink VRF support. All in-game logic is going to be in smart contracts and all in-game actions (summoning, grinding) will require randomness for their outcomes. While Fantom Foundation and Chainlink has confirmed in bringing VRF into Fantom Opera chain it doesn’t have a confirmed date and should it become only thing keeping Toonworld from being released we will look for other options.

That would be it for today, may you all have Jolly Christmas :)